In A Nutshell

Porcelain Wood offers that perfect ‘in touch with nature’ feel and aesthetic, whilst providing a very practical, easy-clean and low maintenance surface for domestic and commercial environments. Our products are made from über-durable, single-fired porcelain that contains over 40% recycled materials and can be used on both floors and walls, both internally and externally.

We Love Trees

Trees are good. We really like them. They provide such visual splendour and produce the stuff we breathe. Let’s leave them be, shall we?

The “Eco” Bit

Porcelain Wood reflects nature whilst protecting nature. And it’s more than just a marketing gimmick – all our products contain over 40% recycled content, so our tiles are a premium product that doesn’t cost the earth.


‘Hardwearing’ is something of an understatement, but Porcelain Wood certainly lives up to it. Give it countless shoes and boots, shopping trolleys and even cars, years of direct sunlight and perhaps the odd rain shower. It’ll still look more like wood than…well, wood.


No splinters. No tears. No sticking plasters.

Heels Shmeels

Porcelain Wood laughs in the face of ladies in high heels. And gentlemen too for that matter! Our wood effect tiles are highly resistant to scratches, scrapes, dents and dints. Hen parties welcome.


Real wood is perfect for putting on a fire. Porcelain Wood isn’t. In fact, it’s 100% fireproof, so you’re best not to bother.

Oh-So Clean

Our tiles love a good clean. Boiling hot water, scrubbing brushes, industrial sit-on cleaners, bleach, whatever! Clean Porcelain Wood until you can eat your dinner off it – plates are, after all, made of porcelain!


With under-floor heating, nine out of ten cats said they preferred Porcelain Wood. Fortunately, our tiles are 100% pet claw resistant.


Come rain, sleet or snow, with Porcelain Wood’s ‘Dalby’ decking, your patio will always look as good as the day it was installed.

Strong & Long

Porcelain Wood tiles are harder, stronger, longer more resistant and resilient than wood.