Case Study: Child’s Play

May 18, 2014 9:08 am

Sometimes we come across a case study that does so much more that just show our tiles ‘in situ’, and this one – a refurbishment of a boutique children’s clothing store in Spain – immediately demonstrates just how dramatically choosing the right tiles can dramatically shape an environment (be it retail, commercial or at home).

Our Whinfell ‘light’ tiles have been used on the exterior for a crisp, clean and contemporary finish (yes, they can be used outside as well as inside!), but the real-eye catcher is the use of our Rutland ‘sky’, its baby-blue, shabby-chic tones transferring the interior and just perfectly bring the whole project together.

Rutland Sky 1-g Rutland Sky 2-g Rutland Sky 3-g Rutland Sky 4-g Rutland Sky 5-g Rutland Sky 6-g Rutland Sky 7-g